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Peter Swan - For Any Occasion

Landscape architecture doesn’t need to mean simply plants and mulch beds, says Peter Swan. He has been involved with landscaping for most of his life. He started working in landscaping in his teenage years, where he grew a love for being in the dirt. He then went on to open his own business, which has taken off with outstanding success ever since he started implementing his artistic flare into his work. Now, his independent contracting business is a boutique one; and he only contracts out to high-end real estate such as residencies, commercial properties and country clubs. But that doesn’t mean that all landscape architecture only appears on these types properties. As an artistic personality, Swan sees the creativity all around him and takes what he can from it to implement it in his own work. Below, he shares some things he sees as landscape architecture, that others may not.


Playground design and construction is no easy process. Not only are you trying to sell the appeal of the jungle gym to the kids, which isn’t too hard, but you are trying to convince the parents that this playground was made with some TLC and is safe for their children. Playground architects are landscape architects.

Golf Courses

Golf Courses are no simple feat either, says Peter Swan. It takes lots of talent, vision and ahead-of-the-curve planning to get a golf course right. Swan has the utmost respect for the people who design and create these landscapes and get little credit for their artistic ability.